Dreamer Boy

Hii friends !!!!!!

My name is Parth Patel. I am belong from Ahemedabad. “Ahemedabad” the metro city the eoconomical hub of Gujrat. Many pepole come here to true their dreams. I am also one of them. I have some big dream in my eyes. I wann to fulfill my dream.

I am study in enginerring. Not in wellknown college but in wellknown branch in civil. This is my small introduction .

Every one knows in college there are many stories are created yes I am talking out one of their story.

The story about one girl and one boy.both are study in same class both are going in same bus but both are not intrested in each other. This is very true but very loyal story… …

Friends…..we will meet soon….

Read it and share it i will meet you very soon to second half of this story…..

“Sucess is never come to you, you will go for it”